Though no-one is sure of exactly how old Robin de Noir is, he is probably around the age of 16 to 18, probably born in around 1860 to 1863, where his unidentifed Mother died, supposedly, from giving birth to him or due to illness.

Son of Coeur de Noir and his unknown Mother, younger brother of Loveday, and friend of Maria Merryweather. He has a band of De Noir clan members that he is seen with on various expeditions in the woods - they seem to by his 'clique' or followers, as he seems to be something of a leader to them, however he is initially not respected by his father's people. Whether this is due to the identity of his father (the head of the family) or if they genuinely like him, is unknown. This young man has roamed the forest surrounding Sir Benjamin Merryweather's home his entire life.

Although it has never been confirmed, Robin has been assumed as Maria's potential love interest, due to their tension. Maria teases Robin after she jumps off the cliff to return the Moon Pearls to the ocean, asking if he was worried for her. He denies such, although he is seen looking remorseful and scared after she leaps from the cliff, running to the ledge with the rest of the spectators. As well as being the charecter to get to the cliff first. While they've only been established as friends, many believe in the possibility of a further relationship