Loveday (de Noir)

Born Loveday de Noir, she was cast out by her father when she fell in love with (and was therein engaged and nearly married to) Benjamin Merryweather. However, her fiancee also chased her away upon finding out the truth of her heritage on their wedding day.

She lived in the forest for an unknown number of years, until she met Maria Merryweather, the newest Moon Princess, whom she helps in her quest for the pearl, if only for a short time. There is a reference made to her own failed attempt to make peace between the families, possible foreshadowing of the later revealed fact of her failed almost-marriage to Benjamin, Maria's uncle by her father.

*Spoiler Alert*Edit

At the end of the movie, she reconciles with Benjamin. It is presumed that she was finally married to him, sometime after the movie ended.

As an added note, she is the older sister of Robin de Noir.